Some answers to frequently asked questions.

Yes. All drone operators who carry out work for commerical gain, money or reward need to be licenced as a commerical operator. We have held a PfCO (permission for commericial operations)(formerally a PfAW), since 2016.

Generally speaking providing it isn’t raining, or with wind speeds of over approximatly 22mph, we should be able to fly.

The CAA restrict all pilots of UAV’s to a maximum height of 400 ft, and a maximum distance away from the pilot of 500 m. We must also remain within ‘line of sight’ of the UAV. This is to ensure the safety of people and other aircraft.

Depending on the aircraft we are using for the job, batteries range from 16 minutes to 30 minutes. We always carry multiple batteries and have charging stations within our vehicles should we need to re-charge on the go.

No. Once in the air it is only a ‘humming’ sound which is similar to a swarm of bee’s. We are always careful to keep noise to a minimum so as not to disturb animals or neighbouring properties. 

We never say never! There are tighter restrictions in built up areas, but we can usually find a way to get the job done whilst complying with the law. Contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to look in to it for you.

Yes. We have worked inside warehouses and factories, and even in a house! Flying inside a building carries a few other risks, but we have ways to mitigate them, such as using prop guards, and smaller drones.

Yes. We can use some auto pilot software, which allows us to pre-program, or program on-the-fly a specific flight path, the altitude, speed, camera angles etc, which can then be run multiple times over the course of time. We often carry out this kind of work for monitoring construction progress on building sites.

Yes, Sky High Media are licenced to operate during hours of darkness. Filming of fireworks displays from the drone has been quite a common job for us!

Yes, we hold the required aviation insurance which complies to EC785/2004, to a value of £2m. This can be increased on a job by job basis if required.

We have a full range of video frame rates and colour profiles, we can shoot in, up to 4K 60 fps. Photo’s can be in Jpeg and/or RAW format.

We are based in beautiful north Devon, South West England, but can travel all over the country, and even overseas if required. 

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