Sky High Media are able to safely fly in hard to reach areas for inspection of damage to buildings, roofs and other infrastructure. By utilising tele-photo lenses, or by using small specialist drones, we can get the footage or photos required for a surveyor, insurance company, underwriter or builder. This makes insurance claims and essential work quicker to organise, cheaper than scaffolding or other access equipment and safer than ladders.

By using the various types of equipment we have available, we are able to carry out inspections in congested areas, including towns and cities, whilst still ensuring the safety of everyone involved and the public.

Mapping and 3D Models

Using drones, we are able to quickly map out an area of interest and create a Google Earth overlay or 3D model of the site. This is particularly useful in the construction industry, where real-time data is required to monitor materials, track progress, generate reports, and other data capture requirements.